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CNC Adjustable Aluminum Trigger CTM FUKU-2 for AAP-01 – Blue



REF: CTM0035-BL Categoria: Etiqueta: Identificação do produto: 49633


Enhance your AAP-01 with a premium CNC adjustable aluminum trigger from CTM TAC. This trigger is crafted from extremely durable aerospace-grade aluminum 6061, ensuring both durability and lightweight. With its unique gray finish, it adds an elegant look to your firearm. The total weight of just 5 g ensures that the only thing you’ll feel is the shot!
In the package, you’ll find the adjustable trigger and necessary building screws made of stainless steel with lengths of 3-8 mm and 3-5 mm. This trigger is suitable for AAP-01/C models and replicas from the WE Galaxy series.
The trigger travel length adjustment is done using an Allen screw, which is recommended to secure with threadlocker (e.g., Loctite 601 or 603).
If you love your pistol enough to want it as a durable primary weapon or you simply enjoy playing Speedsoft and want to be fast, agile, and deadly, then CTM TAC upgrades are the right choice.
Build your ultimate CQB beast!

Technical specifications:

Material: Aluminum 6061
Color: Blue
Weight: 5 g

Package includes:

Adjustable trigger
2x building screw made of stainless steel 3-8 mm
2x building screw made of stainless steel 3-5 mm

Suitable for pistols:

WE Galaxy

CTM TAC is an innovative company based in Zhubei, Hsinchu County, Taiwan, specializing in the production and design of equipment and parts for the airsoft community and Speedsoft players. Their philosophy revolves around the idea that every customer’s opinion and feedback are crucial. They carefully evaluate all feedback and continuously strive to improve, optimizing their products based on their customers’ needs. They focus on designing products for airsoft and competitive GBB pistols, with each product created with the user in mind.
In addition to manufacturing their own products, they also welcome unique and new ideas from you, the players. They are happy to assist you throughout the manufacturing process and can turn your ideas into reality thanks to their extensive knowledge of ..