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Reinforced piston for manual SVD – Gen.4



REF: ASPRO260 Categoria: Etiqueta: Identificação do produto: 57544


AirsoftPro produce SVD reinforced piston since 2010. The first in the world. We are constantly trying to innovate our products and therefore we offer the fourth generation of this popular product.
The main feature of the piston – a steel catch on a light aluminum body – remained unchanged.
The piston from the AirsoftPro workshop is structurally different from the pistons used in SVD by A a K, ACM, or KOER. It is not one piece, but composed of many parts. Everything can be seen from the pictures. Simply light aluminum body, steel retaining ring, plastic slip ring and a metal piston head with a bearing.
In addition , except obvious color change, the fourth generation brings a more lightweight body. The lower weight of the piston has a positive effect on the higher BB muzzle velocity. Especially for weaker and medium springs. For customers who use strong springs and heavier BBs, lower piston weight may be undesirable. That’s why you will also find three weights made of different materials and therefore three weights in the piston package:

Plastic: 3g

Aluminum: 6g

Brass: 19g

This weight has also purpose a s a washer on a ball bearing inside the piston. When compressed, the spring tends to rotate about its axis. This bearing facilitates rotation and and makes gun loading more easy.
Another no less significant innovation is the split piston head. The front part, which is exposed to shocks, is aluminum with a rubber stop and air channels. These direct the flow of air under the rubber ring and thus increase its seal in the cylinder. The back of the head has a plastic collar made of Polyacetal (POM). It has a larger diameter and glides better in the cylinder. There is no metal-to-metal contact and the cylinder does not black out and there is less friction.
The AirsoftPro piston is also 4 mm shorter than the original piston. It has a positive effect on the weight, it makes sense especially to obtain a larger volume of air in the cylinder.

Ultra light and durable aluminium body.