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Steel cylinder for Well MB4404,05,10,11,12


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Steel durable cylinder is required in case of any upgrade. Stock cylinder is made of aluminium and weak. It is easy to damage it with stronger upgrade spring. Our AirsoftPro steel cylinder was sucessfully tested on the strongest springs.  This model is suitable for:

Well MB4404
Well MB4405
Well MB4410
Well MB4411
Well MB4412

Not suitable for Well Well MB4401,02,03,06,07,08,09 a Marui AWS.
Cylinder is compatible for the factory original or AirsoftPro pistons or cylinder heads.  It is made on high precision CNC machines in the Czech Republic.
Note: On some unused storage cylinders may occur at the end of the mandrel white crystalline solid. This is the crystallized salt left over in less accessible locations blackening. This is not a product defect. Crystal bal easily removed mechanically or with water. The cylinder then dry with a cloth and oil.