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Hunting Long-Distance flashlight Fenix HT18



REF: HT18SFT40 Categoria: Etiqueta: Identificação do produto: 24039


The Fenix HT18 hunting flashlight is one of the longest range tactical flashlights available. Its powerful reflector offers a range of up to 925 meters and a light output of up to 1500 lumens (ANSI). The light source is the high-performance LED SFT-40 from the American manufacturer Luminus. A single Li-ion battery type 21700 with 5000 mAh capacity and built-in USB-C charging connector (battery included) is used for power supply, in case of emergency an 18650 battery with included reduction can also be used for power supply. The Fenix HT18 LED flashlight features a total of five white light functions with up to 61 hours of runtime, including strobe flashing. There is a tactical switch on the back of the flashlight that allows for instant activation by squeezing. In addition, a red and green filter is included. Long gun mounts and the Fenix AER-04 cable switch are compatible with the flashlight, the Fenix HT18 is the ultimate light tool for professionals, hunters and all users requiring the longest range.This model replaces the older Fenix TK61, TK47, TK32 and other flashlights.All flashlight parameters (lumen output, battery life, waterproof, range and shock resistance) are measured in accordance with ANSI/NEMA FL 1-2009.Features:

1500 lm output
Range: 925 m
Max. life: 61 hours
Power: 1x 18650, 1x 21700
Number of modes: 5
Waterproof: IP68 (2 m immersion)
Light color: Daylight white (5500-6500K)
Light source: Luminus SFT-40
Weight: 292.5g
Colour: Black

Parameters of the Fenix HT18 hunting flashlight:

Premium LED Luminus SFT-40 with 50000 hours lifetime is used.
1500 lumens (1.6 hours) – a gt; 500 lumens (4.25 hours) – a gt; 150 lumens (20.25 hours) – a gt; 30 lumens (61 hours) – a gt; 1500 lumen strobe
Large smooth reflector for light cone with a range of 925 meters (214187 cd). Range with red filter is 325 meters and with green filter is 220 meters.
Endurance times are measured with a rechargeable 21700 li-ion battery with 5000 mAh capacity.
Electronics with digital constant power control, reverse ba..