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FMA Norotos Helmet mount PVS 15/18 NVG BK



REF: TB606 Categoria: Etiqueta: Identificação do produto: 53844


Weight: 190 g Material: metal Description: Norotos improve goggles goggles helmet components, suitable for PVS15 / PVS18 / PVS31 / GPNVG18, it USES single trilobites railway and night-vision goggles goggles interface.Provide a stronger, more stable, more reliable platform, flexible use.Around it is a multifunctional bracket, activity can be overturned ordinary stent could not be completed task.45 degree Angle left and right side mount, a position is no longer binding, control switch, up-and-down, favorable operating night-vision goggles, convenient operating in good position.Also known as hercules beetle, limb with pillar relay, not a task.