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Novritsch Modular Suppressor – V2 (for Thread Protector)


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All Novritsch pistols can be holstered with this suppressor attached.
Acoustic foam is included and the silencer is already assembled.
Length: 170mm / 110mm / 80mm

SSE18 Variant has the standard airsoft 14mm CCW thread and can be used with most airsoft replicas. NOT suitable for other GBB Glocks as it will not fit into a holster.
SSP18 Variant clamps onto the Thread Protector. You need the protector to attach the suppressor because it has no thread. Works well with other GBB Glocks with thread plus protector, can be holstered.
SSX23/Mk23 Variant is compatible with the SSX23. It has a 16mm CW thread.

This Product is also available for Germany thanks to the F-Mark on the body.
The difference between the suppressors is the height of the bore axis. Due to the pistol construction, the SSE and SSP are not the same. Therefore, a different suppressors have to be used in order to follow the shape of the pistol and to ensure the compatibility with other holsters.

This unique feature of the suppressor allows you to make the suppressor shorter or longer according to your preference.
There is no need to buy three different suppressors with different lengths. It can also be attached to any other airsoft gun with this 14mm CCW adapter or with this 16mm CCW adapter.

The foam rectangles inside the NOVRITSCH Modular Suppressor V2 are made of acoustic foam that is used in sound studios. The foam was initially designed to effectively absorb noise and echoes.
Additional the alternating sizes of the rectangles create more surface area to further increase the sound of dampening.


For maximum efficiency, the whole silencer is filled with foam discs of two different sizes. The cavities will trap the excessive air that’s coming out of the inner barrel.
To make sure that the BB doesn’t hit anything inside of the suppressor, the hole in the discs and the exit hole of the suppressor are enlarged to ensure that the trajectory doesn’t get influenced even when the gun is being move..