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Jetboil ZIP Black



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JetBoil Personal Cooking System: UNREGULATED SYSTEMS: Rapid Fire Boiling. Pure a Simple 
Simple. Reliable. Foolproof. Unregulated stoves are ideal for rapidly boiling water in moderate climatic conditions. Choose an unregulated stove for making coffee, quickly heating soups or boiling water for pastas, dried graind and prepackaged camp meals…

0.8 Liter FluxRing cooking cup with insulating cozy
Match Ignition
Drink-Through lid with pour spout and strainer
Bottom cover doubles as a measuring cup and bowl 

Compatible accessories include a Coffee Press, Hanging Kit and Pot Support  

Fuel Canister Stabilizer included
Jetpower fuel sold separately. Due to flammable item shipping restrictions, we cannot sell fuel canisters online; they are available at numerous retail stores.
JetBoil Pot Support are an optional item. They Adapt to the Jetboil burner for use with the FluxRing(R) Cooking Pots and utensils. 


Type: Personal Cooking System
Persons: 1 – 2 Person
Colour:  Carbon
Heating a Boiling Water, Melting Snow, Cooking
Best use: Backpacking
Fuel Type: Canister Fuel: Isobutane-propane
(Automatic) Start: NO
Weight: 12 ounces [345gram] –
Power: 4,500 BTU/h (0.90kW)
Volume: 27 oz [0.8 Liter]
Boil Time: 2 minutes 30 sec. per 16oz. [1/2 Liter] or 5 minutes per 32oz [1 Liter]
Water Boiled: 12 Liters per 100g Jetpower can
Dimensions: 4.1 x 6.5 inches [10.41 x 16.51 cm]

– System weight does not include pot support a fuel stabilizer.