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100procent MEAT Pork meat with cumin


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Whether you’re preparing for an airsoft mission, fighting during the game, or resting after the game is over, Adventure Menu’s Cumin Pork is a great choice for you. With a pure 100procent meat content, this dish not only offers great taste, but also the nutrition and energy you need. The combination of quality pork with aromatic cumin creates a unique and unforgettable taste experience. Its lightweight packaging and easy preparation allow you to enjoy this hearty meal anywhere in the outdoors. Pork in cumin is the perfect companion for any airsoft day, providing rich flavor and plenty of energy for your adventures.
This meal is a better alternative to the MRE.
One pack contains 300g of raw meat. Steam cooking has reduced excess water, resulting in a very low weight of 200g while maintaining the juiciness of the meat itself.
Pork (shoulder), salt, cumin.
Allergy information: free of allergens