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100procent MEAT Turkey meat with onion


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Adventure Menu’s turkey and onion stir fry is the perfect solution for any airsoft player looking for a quality and tasty meal in the field. With 100procent meat content, this dish is a guarantee of true gourmet quality. Its simple but delicious combination of tender turkey meat and aromatic onions will instantly fill you up and provide the nutrition you need. Whether you need a quick energy boost before an airsoft game, a nutritious lunch during a long day outdoors, or a satisfying dinner after an event, this dish is the right choice for you. Its lightweight packaging and easy preparation allow you to always have a hot and tasty meal on hand, ready in no time. Adventure Menu’s turkey and onions is your companion for any airsoft day, bringing the flavor and power you need for your adventure.
This meal is a better alternative to the MRE.
One pack contains 300g of raw meat. Steam cooking has reduced excess water, resulting in a very low weight of 200g while maintaining the juiciness of the meat itself.
Turkey thigh meat, onion, salt, pepper
Allergy information: allergen-free
Turkey meat is characterised by its huge protein content and low fat content. It is one of the healthiest foods.
Nutritionists rank turkey meat among the 14 superfoods. The other superfoods are tomatoes, broccoli, blueberries, tea, legumes, oats, pumpkin, yogurt, walnuts, spinach, salmon, soy and oranges. They are said to be the best prevention against civilisation diseases and also help prolong human life.Turkey meat has a minimal fat content and a much higher protein content compared to other meats, which we need for cell renewal and proper functioning. It is therefore a very high quality meat from a health point of view and also easily digestible…