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Natural Beef JERKY 100g


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All airsoft warriors know the feeling of needing a quick and nutritious snack in the field, but few of us know what real jerky should really taste like. That’s why Adventure Menu has come up with real jerky – BEEF JERKY, made from the highest quality beef and turkey. With no artificial flavourings, just a pinch of salt, you can now enjoy the authentic taste of meat, perfect for a quick boost during airsoft action. Rich in protein (up to 77procent), this snack will ensure fast muscle recovery after physical exertion, and with almost zero fat and carbs, it will keep you in top condition for a full day of airsoft adventures.
Turkey meat (100g product is used 320 g raw meat), salt
Allergy information: allergen-free

Nutritional values: 100 gEnergy value 310 kJProtein 64 gFat 4.2 gCarbohydrates 0 g