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Natural Turkey JERKY 25g


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Every airsoft warrior knows that quality nutrition in the field is the key to success. That’s why Adventure Menu has come up with a true Turkey Jerky, made with the finest turkey meat. Free of artificial ingredients and enriched with just a pinch of salt, this snack delivers an authentic meat flavor that’s perfect for instant energy replenishment in the middle of airsoft action. High in protein, turkey JERKY will quickly restore your strength after physical exertion and, thanks to its minimal fat and carbohydrate content, will keep you fit throughout a day of airsoft challenges.
Turkey meat (320g of raw meat per 100g of product), salt
Allergy information: allergen-free
1 pack – weight 25 g plus – 5procent
Nutritional values 100 gEnergy value 310 kJProtein 64 gFat 4,2 gCarbohydrates 0 g