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Tandoori Quinoa VEGAN


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As an airsoft player, you know that the right food choice can be the key to success in the field. Adventure Menu’s Tandoori Quinoa VEGAN brings you the best of Indian cuisine in a vegan version. This dish is a great combination of protein-rich quinoa with aromatic tandoori spices, giving you not only energy but also an unforgettable taste experience. Its lightweight packaging and easy preparation allow you to enjoy exotic flavours anywhere on your airsoft expeditions. Tandoori Quinoa VEGAN is not only nutritious, but also provides the variety and flavor you need to make your adventure perfect. Whether you’re on a tactical mission or just want to eat well, this dish is the right choice for you.
Premium ingredients for a premium meal:
Native to Central and South America, sweet potatoes are one of the most nutritious vegetables ever. They are a significant source of antioxidants, have anti-inflammatory properties and regulate blood sugar levels. Their high carotenoid content gives them a yellow to orange colour and makes them a rich source of vitamin A. They also contain vitamin B, C, potassium, manganese and magnesium.
Quinoa or Chilean hake. This is a very old plant species that has been used in South America for many centuries. It is valued mainly for its high protein, calcium and vegetable fat content. Quinoa is a gluten-free plant. It also contains all the essential amino acids that the body cannot produce on its own. Thanks to its insoluble fiber, it helps prevent heart disease and lowers blood pressure. It is also rich in iron and magnesium, which, combined with calcium, has a good effect on the quality of sleep.
Himalayan salt, known in its region of origin as “white gold”, contains 84 natural ingredients and minerals that are essential for health, including magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium, phosphorus and iron. The typical pink coloration is due to the small amount of iron oxide (rust). Zinc, selenium, iodine and copper are present in trace amounts in the salt. In general, Himalayan salt is therefo..