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CHEST RIGG tactical vest 6 pouches Flecktarn


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Carrier set with padded shoulder straps and open back Chest Rigg (originally developed for the British troops intervening in Ireland today normally used gear NATO)
particularly suitable for vehicle crews, or in need of a fully occupied kits (with backpack , for optimum weight distribution is even better gear with a backpack)
content: 3 pockets on the tray with the plastic buckle closure and Velcro noise elimination pattern, 2 multi-purpose pockets, slip pocket on the back of the front pockets, 1 large pocket for maps and papers inside
padded shoulder straps
one size (adjustable shoulder and waist strap), can be worn over a vest!
Weight: approx 0.84 kg
material: 600D polyester coated with polyvinyl chloride, buckle: plastic