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Li-Pol battery ASG 11,1V 1500mAh, 15C – Stick


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Enhance your firearm with a substantial dose of energy using the Li-Pol battery from the renowned Danish company ASG (Action Sport Games). With this battery, you’ll not only get excellent performance, but also reliability and long lifespan at a favorable price.

Li-Pol Technology
Many AEG users now prefer Li-Pol batteries because they can provide better energy efficiency in a smaller package. Most Li-Pol batteries have approximately the same size as Mini-type batteries and match the performance of large NiMH batteries. These compact Li-Po batteries eliminate the need for battery pouches, battery boxes, or large batteries awkwardly attached to smaller weapons.
The battery is equipped with high-quality Li-Pol cells that ensure stable and high performance for your airsoft weapon. Thanks to them, your weapon will have higher rate of fire, better trigger response, and above all, it will shoot longer (even in cold weather!)

Advantages of Lipol battery ASG 11.1V 1500mAh, 15C

High performance with current response (15C)
single-piece construction for optimal storage inside of rifle
Quality cells for reliable performance
Easy installation in various airsoft weapons (CZ Scorpion Evo etc.)
Long lifespan and durability

Maintenance, Charging, and Storage Guide
For optimal performance, we recommend regular battery maintenance. Before first use, charge it fully with a lower current, then follow the charging instructions provided with the battery. Avoid overcharging and discharging to extend the battery’s lifespan. Conduct long-term storage at about 75procent capacity.
Charge the battery ONLY with a suitable charger for Li-Pol batteries, and ideally in a protective bag. Store it in a dry and cool place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Never completely discharge the battery, so stop using the battery when you hear the rate of fire starting to decrease.
— For more information on battery care, read this article. —

Battery Specifications:

Configuration: Single cell
Connector: T-Dean