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LED Flashlight Fenix LD15R


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The Fenix LD15R is a powerful rechargeable handheld flashlight that offers up to 500 lumens (ANSI) of neutral white light (4500K) with a range of up to 85 meters and also features red LEDs. It is powered by a single RCR123A rechargeable battery which is recharged directly in the flashlight via a micro-USB connector, alternatively a disposable CR123A lithium battery can be used to power the flashlight. In addition, there is an indicator LED in the control button, so you will always know when to recharge the battery. The end of the flashlight is magnetic, so it can easily be attached to anything metal. In addition, the flashlight is equipped with a bi-directional multi-functional clip. The LD15R features seven different lighting modes, allowing you to choose between high power and long lasting (up to 110 hours). The flashlight is powered by a digitally controlled constant current to guarantee a constant light output even when the battery voltage is reduced (when the batteries are slowly discharging).
The Fenix LD15R (originally called Fenix UC09) is destined to serve as a work flashlight, a business flashlight hanging on a pocket or strap, as well as a flashlight for everyday use at home and on the go.
All flashlight parameters (lumen output, battery life, waterproof, range and shock resistance) are measured in accordance with ANSI/NEMA FL 1-2009.

110 hrs max life
Power supply 1x CR123A, 1x RCR123A, USB rechargeable
7 modes
Waterproof IP68 (2m submersion)
Light color Neutral white (4000-5000 K)
Cree XP-G3 light source
Weight 57.5 g
Color: Black

Parameters of the Fenix LD15R flashlight:

It uses a premium performance Cree XP-G3 LED with neutral light (4500 K) and a lifetime of 50000 hours and a red Everlight LED.
Seven light modes: 500 lumens (1.3 hours) – a gt; 150 lumens (2.8 hours) – a gt; 30 lumens (13.3 hours) – a gt; 3 lumens (110 hours) – a gt; red light 4 lumens (30 hours) – a gt; red flash 4 lumens – a gt; SOS.
Measured with Fenix RCR123A Li-ion battery with 700 mAh capacity (included).