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PTS Enhanced Rail Section ( Black / M-LOK / 7 Slots )



REF: PTS015 Categoria: Etiqueta: Identificação do produto: 55022


The PTS(R) Enhanced Polymer Rail Sections(TM) (ERS(TM)) – M-LOK are lightweight low profile 1913 rail sections, made out of one of the strongest and an EP series hallmark Dupont(TM) Zytel High Performance Reinforced Polymer. The double chamfered ends reduce snagging and are comfortable to index against. Available in 5 different lengths: 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11 slots. Features: –  Lightweight and low profile design –  Specially made for M-LOK mounting system. –  Sturdy reinforced polymer Specification: –  Color – Black –  Dimension – 150 x 70 x 12mm (appox. w/ packaging) –  Material –Dupont(TM) Zytel High Performance Reinforced Polymer –  Compatibility –  M-LOK mount points