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Commander XP18 CO2, blowback


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The Strike System Commander Pistol series, is the new lineup for new and seasoned players.
The CO2 powered striker fire pistol, is constructed with a metal slide and fiber-reinforced polymer body frame. The Commanders engineered ergonomics give shooters full control of the pistol during operations.
The textured pistol grip promotes a firm control of the weapon platform and acts as an anti-slip during wet operations. Positioned along the side of the body frame are textured patches, which help gain a faster and more secure support grip with both hands. The textured patches allow for confirmation of proper hand positions and grip. The slide features front and back serrations for fast and easy loading/reloading Even with thick combat gloves, the pistol feels and balances perfectly in the hand.
The pistol features a safety lever trigger system to prevent accidental discharges and allows the pistol to be shooter ready with one BB in the chamber. This also allows for faster draws from the holster, skipping the need to switch the safety lever to fire.
The fiber optic front sight makes targeting easier during low-light operations. Utilizing a wide square notch rear sight, target acquisitions are easy and fast with the two sights combined.
The Commander Pistol series also features a picatinny rail, allowing to attach tactical accessories like flashlights, lasers etc. 
Available in Black and Dual tone Black/Grey Gas magazines are available, sold separately
• Adjustable hopup
• CO2 and Gas powered
• Fiber-reinforced Polymer
• Fiber optic front sight
• Safety lever trigger system
• Hard recoil
Barrel Length:96mm/4,41inch
Mag. Capacity:24 Rounds
Hop up type:Adjustable
Energy:0,9 joule