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G a G ARP 9 PDW – Black/Amber (orange)


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Dominate close-quarters combat (CQB) with the ARP-9 weapon, a replica based on the real exotic firearm UDP-9 AR Pistol by Angstadt Arms in North Carolina, USA. This weapon, in its real form, embodies the one-magazine philosophy and offers two options. It uses a magazine designed for Glock pistols, ensuring compatibility and ease of use. Built on the proven AR rifle platform, modified for 9mm caliber.It is lightweight, compact, and durable – an ideal Personal Defence Weapon (PDW). G a G presents this modern concept in the form of an airsoft replica that won’t disappoint.

ARP 9 and Unique External Features
The weapon’s body, including the retractable stock, is made of durable polymer with a beautiful surface finish. This little beast is truly robust and sturdy, yet extremely lightweight and maneuverable. Designed for CQB arena domination. Its operation is intuitive due to the proven AR-15 platform. On the left side, you’ll find precise fire mode selector, ambidextrous charging handle, and on the right side, an ejection port that provides easy access to hop-up adjustment. Although it’s made of plastic, the hop-up unit is precisely crafted and easily adjustable with a rotating ring.
The magazine and its safety are ingeniously designed with a release lever similar to AK/EVO type firearms, ensuring reliability and easy handling compared to the small button on AR15. The airsoft version of Glock magazines is for imitation purposes only, but it doesn’t compromise the authenticity of the experience. The magazine fits securely in the weapon and doesn’t wobble. In the package, you’ll find a long winding magazine for 300 BBs, and if you need more options, we offer a wide selection of winding and push magazines for this gem, including a drum magazine for 1500 BBs.
The stock is firmly attached to the body with two strong metal rods and can be comfortably adjusted to two positions – retracted and extended by 9 cm. On the top of the weapon, there is a classic RIS rail with detachable sights that are metal, laterally and verti..