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The entire body of the RPD is made of high-quality steel and complemented by a realistic wooden stock. The wood is very nicely processed and varnished. All moving parts are faithfully imitated and again made of steel. Of course, the machine gun is equipped with a folding bipod, which can be removed if necessary. The drum magazine is made of pressed sheet metal, equipped with electric overdrive and has a capacity of 2,800 rounds.
This premium weapon also has a high standard of internal parts. The RPD has a special, very durable gearbox with 9 mm ball bearings. The wheels are made of steel and several other parts are made of high-quality aluminum or plastics. The barrel used in the weapon is an accurate 6.02 mm with a length of 515 mm, housed in a metal hop-up chamber. Of course, there are also MOSFETs and high-quality cabling. The package also includes wiring without a MOSFET, which you can install in the gun. Also thanks to this gearbox, this gun achieves a high muzzle velocity.
The Russian RPD light machine gun hardly needs to be introduced. It was designed during the Second World War and produced until 1960. Only the introduction of the new RPK light machine gun caused its gradual withdrawal from the Russian army’s arsenal. The RPD was a very successful machine gun that at one time was in service with all the armies of the Warsaw Pact and appeared in most of the conflicts of the Cold War. It is used with success in many African and Asian armies to this day. However, it became most famous in the Vietnam War, where it served as the standard light machine gun of the Viet Cong units.
LCT thus allows itself to present the only serial airsoft replica of the RPD in premium quality.

all steel version
CNC aluminum Hop-up chamber
accurate 6.02mm inner barrel
wooden forend and stock
electrically driven magazine
quick change springs


Weapon weight: 7000 g
Weapon length: 1043 mm
Barrel length: 515 mm
Weapon body: all metal
Realistic embossing: no
Stock: wood
Inner barrel: bro..