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Marui JSDF Type 89 Rifle AEG


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The assault rifle Howa Type 89 caliber 5.56 mm is a Japanese assault rifle used by the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF) and members of the Japan Coast Guard’s Special Security Team as well as the Special Assault Team. It has never been exported outside Japan due to strict anti-export policies. In service with the Japanese Ground Forces, it is known as Buddy and replaced the Type 64 rifle in frontline units.
TM JSDF Type 89 is an airsoft replica of an AEG (electric powered) rifle. At the heart of the replica is the so-called gearbox (this model is V8), which is a metal casing for internal components responsible for the weapon’s firing mechanism. It consists of a set of metal gears driven by an AEG motor. The gears push the piston against the spring, and upon release, the piston head compresses air in the cylinder through the nozzle until it stops at the impact surface of the cylinder head. The nozzle then sends the BB through the hop-up chamber into the barrel, providing the necessary muzzle velocity.In the hop-up chamber, there is a rubber with a protrusion that spins the BB in the opposite direction, significantly increasing range and accuracy (the hop-up is a patented invention by Tokyo Marui and has changed the airsoft world since its introduction).Thanks to the adjustable hop-up regulation, heavier ammunition can be used to achieve stable grouping at longer distances.Due to Japanese restrictions and laws, Tokyo Marui weapons are designed with a power output up to 1 J (approx. 90-95 m/s).This replica offers 100 m/s performance with a standard spring thanks to a 433 mm long barrel, and it also features a foldable bipod for precise aiming. The replica uses only M4/16 magazines, and is not compatible with Type 89 magazines. Another highlight is the option for 3-round burst.

The biggest advantage of Tokyo Marui AEG weapons is the easy upgradeability and enhancement of the weapon, as upgrade parts from all quality manufacturers adhere to Tokyo Marui (TM) dimensional standards. For example, you can easily..