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Microgun Classic Army M132 (Green Gas / HPA)



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M132 Micro Gun Replica by Classic Army: An Icon of Speed and Design
Discover the extraordinary replica of the M132 Micro Gun by Classic Army, an iconic weapon renowned for its photogenic nature and high rate of fire. Predominantly crafted from polymer reinforced with nylon fibers, this model offers excellent strength and durability. Its unique design immediately stands out, featuring a front handle and an ergonomically shaped rear grip with a palm safety.
The weapon boasts four rotating barrels and a central tube serving as a magazine, all made of metal. Each barrel is compatible with the AEG standard and comes with its own Hop-up system. The rotation of the barrel bundle is powered by an electric motor driven by a battery, while the shooting power is provided by compressed gas from a screwed-on bottle (compatible thread with Ultrair and Nuprol gas bottles). This combination allows the gun to fire up to 38 rounds per second – a speed that will impress any enthusiast.

Heavy duty nylon fiber reinforced polymer construction
Incredibly light weight (9lbs)
Can be powered by HPA rig or by directly inserting an entire green gas canister into the weapon
Incredible 38 rounds per second fire rate out of the box
Individually adjustable hopups for each barrel; compatible with standard AEG barrels, hopups, and buckings
Spring loaded magazine (2200 round capacity) force feeds into hopper for positive feeding in any orientation of the weapon
Powered by an electric motor for its 4 rotating barrels, and HPA / gas for propulsion
Joystick style trigger w/ grip safety

Length: 710mm L x 280mm H x 200mm W Weight: 9lbs Inner Barrel: ~350mm (Standard AEG) Magazine Capacity: 2200 Round Internal Spring Loaded BB Hopper Muzzle Velocity: 400-450 FPS (Depending on Regulator, BB and PSI used) Rate of Fire: 38 Rounds Per Second (2280 Rounds Per Minute) Gearbox: Proprietary Motor: Proprietary Battery: Compatible Up To 12 Volts / 5 Amps (11.1v LiPo Recommended) Hopup: Yes, 4x Individually Adjustable AEG Hopup