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SA M4 Carbine MOTS Keymod (SA-V26 One(TM)) – Red/Black



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Assault Rifle M4
M4 is a compact automatic rifle developed in the United States based on the popular M16 assault rifle. It was designed with the need for a lighter and shorter version of the M16 that would be suitable for use in close quarters and urban combat.In the 1960s, the M16, developed by Armalite and adopted by the U.S. military, was the foundational design for the M4. In the 1980s, the first prototypes of the M4 appeared, featuring a shorter barrel and a telescopic stock, enhancing maneuverability in confined spaces.In the 1990s, the M4 was officially adopted into the U.S. armed forces as the standard carbine, replacing older models like the M3 and M9. The rifle is characterized by its capability to fire both single shots and bursts, making it a versatile weapon.The M4 quickly became popular among soldiers due to its lightweight, compactness, and reliability. It was widely used in conflicts such as the Iraq War and the Afghanistan War and became an iconic weapon of modern U.S. armed forces.In addition to the standard model, there are many variants of the M4 equipped with different accessories and enhancements to meet the specific needs of military units.The airsoft AEG assault rifle M4 series One(TM) from Specna Arms emphasizes high-quality metal body workmanship and superior CNC metal internal parts.Compared to the Edge series, it differs in that it does not include a MOSFET (or processor unit in the Edge 2.0), the piston has only one metal tooth, and there is a different (more time-consuming) spring change system.

What does the Specna Arms M4 Carbine MOTS Keymod (SA-V26 One(TM)) offer?

Internal Parts
The replica M4 Carbine MOTS Keymod (SA-V26 One(TM)) is equipped with classic trigger (mechanical) contacts, thus it is safe to use only Li-Pol batteries 7.4V or you can use classic NiMh cells.The gun is equipped with an adjustable Hop-up chamber with a quality rubber for excellent range.Additionally, in today’s standards, it features the increasingly common QSC quick spring change system Enter a Covert, a..