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Schofield 6″ Airgun – Plated Steel GY a Ivory Grip


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Roughed and old version in a distressed black with imitation wood handle. Carried by the hardened gunfighter.
Own a piece of firearm history, The CO2 powered Schofield Airgun is an ultra-realistic replica of the famed revolver used by many of the great gunmen of the Old West. Dummy cartridges, each holding a single BB, are loaded in this top-break revolver. The revolver functions just like the real gun including the ejector that quickly ejects the spent cases to allow for a fast reload.
Can shoot both BB and pellets depending on the cartridges used.
Barrel length:150mm/6inch
Mag. Capacity:6 rounds
Hop Up Type:Adjustable
Energy:4 Joule