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TM Automatic AEG Shotgun AA-12, 3-Shot – Black



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AA-12 is a combat shotgun. Its development dates back to the 1970s in the USA. The weapon was designed by Maxwell Atchisson and subsequently further developed and refined.One of the most significant aspects of the AA-12 shotgun is its ability to rapidly fire any type of shotgun shells, including the most explosive and destructive ones (like Frag, Dragon Fire). This makes it suitable for both military deployment and police interventions.Due to its design and ability to control recoil, the AA-12 has very low recoil, making it a stable and accurate weapon even during repeated firing.Thanks to its durability and reliability, the AA-12 has become a favorite choice for special forces and SWAT teams worldwide. Its ability to inflict significant damage on the target while providing the shooter with the advantage of rapid and precise firing makes it indispensable in most combat situations.
TM AA-12 is an airsoft replica AEG (electrically powered by batteries), with the heart of the replica being the so-called gearbox, which is a metal casing for additional internal parts that control the weapon’s firing (performance). It is a set of metal gears that drive an AEG motor.This electric shotgun is truly unique. It features 3 internal barrels, allowing it to shoot 3 BBs at once.The gears push a long piston against a spring, and upon its release, the 3 piston heads compress air into the nozzles until they stop at the impact surface of the 3 cylinder heads. The 3 nozzles then send a BB into each of the 3 hop-up chambers and give them the necessary muzzle velocity with air.In each hop-up chamber, there is an AEG rubber with a protrusion that spins the BB in the opposite direction, significantly increasing range and accuracy (hop-up is a patented invention from Tokyo Marui and has changed the world of airsoft since its introduction).The shotgun also features full-auto firing mode, so opponents will be showered with a barrage of BBs that no one can escape. Safe motor switching is ensured by an installed FET unit.

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