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TM Electric AEP Submachine Gun Scorpion Mod.M – Black/Gold



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Electric AEP submachine gun (SMG) from the renowned manufacturer Tokyo Marui is an excellent choice not only for beginner players looking to learn shooting skills, but also for advanced players seeking a reliable weapon for CQB or vehicle use in Mil-Sim events, unaffected by cold outdoor temperatures or the need for sealing maintenance, unlike gas-powered SMGs.Tokyo Marui is known for its quality manufacturing, reflected in this submachine gun, so don’t hesitate to invest in quality! The surface finish is meticulously done and will satisfy even the most demanding players.This is the most powerful version of the AEP submachine gun equipped with a functional Hop-up system.
This airsoft version is powered by a replaceable 7.2V AEP EX battery housed in the foregrip (charger and battery not included, available for purchase separately in accessories). With this weapon, you can shoot individually or in full-auto bursts, increasing its versatility and enjoyment for various gaming situations. However, always remember to adhere to safety regulations and laws!
Vz.61 Škorpion is one of the most interesting submachine guns or light machine guns ever made – this small thing, developed as a personal defense weapon or emergency survival weapon for Czech tank crews and officers as early as 1961, was designed to fit directly into a holster with a folded stock and a ready magazine for 10 rounds!The company Tokyo Marui took this little cute “pistol” Vz.61 Scorpion and gave it a new modern look and style in the form of the Scorpion MOD.M model.

What does the Scorpion Mod.M offer?

Compact gearbox: The Scorpion MOD M is equipped with a compact gearbox specially designed for small SMG models. Despite its smaller size, it provides impressive range.
M-LOK system: The foregrip is equipped with upper and lower RIS rails, while the sides feature M-LOK type grooves. These slots allow easy attachment of additional rails compatible with the M-LOK system using the supplied BTR key.
Folding stock: This lightweight polymer stock includ..