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TM Gas GNB Shotgun M870 Tactical, 3/6 Shots – Black/Imitation Wood


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A powerful gas-operated GNB shotgun (pump-action manual loading) from the renowned brand Tokyo Marui. This company needs no introduction, as one of the leading companies in the field of airsoft replicas, it has already firmly established its reputation.Their quality control is among the strictest in the airsoft industry, so you can expect top-notch craftsmanship and flawless processing of both external and internal parts.
The M870 Tactical shotgun from Tokyo Marui is one of the first models with a Double Hop-up system, allowing switching between firing modes of 3 or 6 BBs simultaneously and also features a hop-up system, which ensures greater range and accuracy at longer distances.This makes it a great tool for fast-paced action, especially in close-quarters environments (CQB).The shotgun body is made of metal with solid polymer components, providing absolute durability!.When feeding this shotgun, keep in mind that it uses special shells same as manual shotguns.The package includes only 1 shell, so we recommend having at least 4 spare ones, ideally 8.One shell holds 30 BBs, but considering that the shotgun fires 3/6 BBs, you can expect 10/5 shots per 1 shell.The gas tank is located in the stock and is replaceable, so instead of lengthy refilling from a bottle, you can swap the gas tank and keep shooting!Gas-powered weapons (GNB and GBB) from Tokyo Marui are popular due to impeccable craftsmanship, long lifespan, and unparalleled shooting performance.Operating (loading) the shotgun does not require force, just pull and listen to the metal clack!

Technical specifications:

Firing power with 3 shots: 90 m/s
Firing power with 6 shots: 80 m/s
Material: Metal
Recommended BB weight: 0.20-0.23g
Magazine pype and capacity: Shell Magazine for 30 BBs
Hop-up: Yes, fixed
Power source: Green Gas (manufacturer recommends Light Gas)
Firing modes: Safe – Single (3 or 6 BBs at once)

Package includes:

M870 Tactical shotgun
1 Shell