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TM Gas Rifle MTR16 ZET System GBBR – Black


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MTR16 is a modernized variant of the legendary M16 based on the AR15 platform with STRIKE ind. USA accessories. The history of the M16 assault rifle began in the 1950s when the United States Army started seeking a replacement for its older rifles such as the M1 Garand and M14. In 1959, the M16 rifle was adopted by the United States Armed Forces and officially designated as M16A1 in 1964.
Tokyo Marui MTR16 (GBBR) is another gem in the field of airsoft weapons manufactured by a renowned manufacturer in Japan, this weapon offers not only high quality but also innovative technologies ZET system MWS.The gas-powered assault rifle is equipped with a unique Gas Blowback system, which provides an authentic shooting experience and makes it more realistic.With precision processing and innovative design, this weapon is a great choice for every passionate airsoft player.Remember that besides performance and technology, Tokyo Marui is the king of quality among airsoft weapon manufacturers.
Well-crafted and primarily robust aluminum body with Cerakote finish can withstand demanding conditions, comfortable ergonomics, and controls that faithfully replicate their real-life counterparts, making this weapon suitable for practicing safe handling or shooting exercises. All parts of the body, including the 16″ outer barrel, M-Lok handguard, and stock, are perfectly fitted and honor the quality craftsmanship of Japanese wizards from Tokyo Marui. Try it out and you’ll understand!

Technical specifications:

Material: Metal
Magazine Capacity: 20 BBs
Propulsion System: Green gas
Firing Modes: Semi-automatic, Full automatic, Safe
Hop-Up: Adjustable
Power: 110 m/s, 1.2 J

Manufacturer’s Safety Recommendations:Tokyo Marui recommends using low-pressure gas (144a) to prevent damage to the replica, with Nuprol 1.0 Low Power Gas being the recommended choice.This recommendation also applies to TM pistols with plastic slides, which are definitely less durable than this robust metal rifle.

Package Contents:

TM MTR16 G..