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TM GBB gas pistol Hi-Capa 5.1 – Black


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One of the most popular, best, and most reliable gas pistols on the market. The pistol is lightweight due to its full plastic construction, but it is not made of just any plastic, it is Tokyo Marui hardened plastic, which is as strong as many metal alloys yet remains lightweight.Tokyo Marui gas pistols (GBB) and gas rifles (GBBR) with blowback function represent the pinnacle in the world of airsoft weapons. Weapons from TM offer not only high quality but also innovative technologies in terms of efficiency, reliability, and effectiveness.
The name Hi-Capa usually indicates that this series of pistols has an enlarged magazine up to 40 rounds (usually 31) (high capacity), allowing shooters to have more ammunition available before needing to change the magazine. This factor is popular among airsoft players who appreciate the longer time between magazine changes during gameplay and who carry their Capas as primary CQB weapons (especially popular among SpeedSofters in combination with HPA adapters such as CTM TAC).Tokyo Marui manufactures their replicas as accurately as possible according to the real model and installs innovative internal parts in them, their gas weapons are equipped with a new type of piston for greater recoil while maintaining the same gas consumption.
The grip is ergonomically shaped for a comfortable hold. The model is suitable for active regular use due to its precise and quality processing.In addition to excellent internal parts and advanced features, the main attraction of the weapon is its exterior and handling, which offer maximum realism.The pistol is equipped with Blowback function, so it “kicks” realistically with each shot, thereby loading another BB into the chamber. The operation and disassembly of the weapon are designed to closely resemble a real firearm. In this case, the 1911 model, or its younger sister 2011. 2011 series weapons are specifically designed for IPSC sport shooting, so we can expect excellent ergonomics and handling from them. In the case of the Combat Master 2011, it..