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Umarex Glock 17 Gen5 GBB CO2 pistol – Black


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Umarex Glock perfection – the most faithful airsoft replicas of Glock pistols! This GBB gas pistol from the German Umarex merges realistic details of the actual Glock pistols with finely-tuned internal components within the production of VFC (Vega Force Company), which has provided the pistol with superior internal parts with the performance of competition pistols.For this reason, you may come across the description Umarex/VFC Glock. The German company Umarex, founded in 1972, specializes in air guns (air rifles) and boasts official licensing from several renowned firearms manufacturers such as Glock, Heckler a Koch, and Beretta. Therefore, their airsoft replicas are sought after by Mil-Sim airsoft enthusiasts, as well as casual players, for their excellent durability, reliability, and performance without the need for pistol repairs or modifications, which unfortunately are necessary with cheaper replicas.

What brings the new Generation 5?

fully double-sided controls (double-sided slide catch, reversible magazine catch)
beveled front end (as with G26 Gen3 and 4)
removed the recess for the fingers on the front of the grip
new finish
slightly modified sights

Umarex/VFC Glock offers gas pistols in airsoft versions in 2 types of propulsion, namely classic gas (Green Gas, Red Gas) or a version with CO2 gas cartridges.The CO2 version tends to be more powerful due to the propulsion used, but structurally offers a less realistic shorter slide cycle, although it is more efficient in terms of gas savings.The gas-powered variant is more sensitive to low temperatures (although Red Gas can be used in colder weather), the slide moves the full length like the real counterpart, but this consumes a larger portion of the gas intended for pistol performance.Both variants have their advantages and disadvantages, so the final choice is up to each individual according to their gaming preferences!
Generation 4 and Generation 5 feature high-quality metal hop-up chambers with GBB/VSR type rubber, reinforced polycarbonate ..