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Umarex VFC HK416 A5 GBBR Gen3 – Tan (RAL 8000)



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The real HK416 A5 is another development of the assault rifle HK416 in 5.56 x 45 mm NATO caliber. The most noticeable changes compared to previous versions and available AR15 platforms on the market include an improved gas regulator for use with a silencer, a redesigned lower Receiver that allows complete ambidextrous weapon control and ensures better compatibility with AR15-type magazines. The A5 version also incorporates many other technical improvements that maximize safety, reliability, ammunition compatibility, and durability under real operating conditions.
The airsoft variant was developed in collaboration with Umarex and VFC under the same designation HK416 A5. Umarex Heckler a Koch are the most faithful airsoft replicas of this brand’s firearms! This GBBR rifle combines realistic details of the actual HK416 A5 with tuned internal parts from the Taiwanese manufacturer VFC (Vega Force Company), which supplied premium internal parts with perfect performance for the rifle. Therefore, we can come across the description Umarex/VFC HK416 A5. The German company Umarex, founded in 1972, specializes in air guns (air rifles) and boasts official licenses from several renowned firearms manufacturers such as Glock, Heckler a Koch, and Beretta. So their airsoft replicas are sought after by Mil-Sim airsoft enthusiasts for their excellent durability, reliability, and performance without the need for repairs and modifications, as is unfortunately necessary with cheaper replicas.
Umarex offers the HK416 A5 rifle in electric AEG or gas GBBR versions and in two color combinations. Classic matte black or desert sand RAL 8000. Considering the realistic details and striking appearance, the HK416 A5 is one of the most popular guns in the airsoft world.
The GBBR version offers top-notch technology and craftsmanship. The assault rifle features ambidextrous controls, perfect body alignment, massive forend, and H a K firearm markings including details. The body is at a premium level with a surface finish mimicking the matte finish ..