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ASG CZ P-10C CO2 magazine, 22 BBs – Black


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REF: ASG341 Categoria: Etiqueta: Identificação do produto: 49407


Metal magazine for 12g CO2 cartridges with a capacity of 22 rounds is exclusively designed for the ASG P-10C CO2 and ASG P-10C OR-OT CO2 pistols.
ASG magazine features:

Easy CO2 cartridge replacement through the bottom of the magazine (1 cartridge lasts for 3 magazines, 66 rounds)
Redesigned gas release system to prevent freezing during rapid firing
Reinforced magazine baseplate to prevent it from falling
Extended magazine shaft for easy loading with a speedloader (simply pull the follower down and fill the magazine with BBs)
Real dimensions for the use of pouches for pistol magazines
High-quality metal construction

The P-10C is in a 1:1 scale with the real model, it is resistant to freezing, has a stronger blowback, perfect performance consistency, adjustable hop-up without disassembling the weapon, and top-quality construction (CNC metal slide and reinforced polymer frame).