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Tactical Pen ESP – titan



REF: ESP015 Categoria: Etiqueta: Identificação do produto: 56838


Tactical Pen ESP is a perfect combination of a ballpoint pen and Kubotan. It is an unobtrusive means of defense, which will always be at hand, and yet you do not arouse suspicion of others. Tactical Pen is made ​​of durable aluminum alloy used for airplanes, which easily enables you to make with this pen hits or pressures on the neural points of the attacker. Its ergonomic shape and distinctive grooves ensure sure grip. The screw cap, which is equipped with a special tip can and which thus be used for breaking glass barriers, can be screwed onto both ends of tactical pen. This cap has also a clip providing secure gripping of the pen e.g. in a breast pocket. Replaceable cartridge of high quality with blue ink provides writing with line thickness of 0,5 mm. It is supplied in an exclusive gift box. Color: titanium. Length 160 mm, diameter 15 mm, weight 50 grams.