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ZERO upgrade set for TM AWS and Well MB44xx

REF: ASPRO454-M140 Categoria: Etiqueta: Identificação do produto: 52374


Durable and light upgrade set for Tokyo Marui AWS and copies, such as WELL MB44xx series. Package include all what is needed for basic upgrade.
Hybrid Piston

The piston is made by CNC machining from light, but durable aluminum alloy 6061-T6 (Dural) with a high-quality anodized finish.
The piston catch is made of stainless steel.
The piston has one sliding polyacetal (POM) ring.
The piston head has an back-pressure system with O-ring (O-ring expands and seals better when shotting).
The enlarged inner piston diameter allows you (and we recommend) to insert a stronger 9mm spring upgrade.
Dimensions: lenght – 75,9mm, outer diameter – 19,8mm, inner diameter – 13,5mm
Weight: 24g

Spring guide

Allows the use of classic 7mm springs and stronger 9mm spring springs.
Axial bearing makes pull back much smoother, because of limited spring rotation.
The spring guide is made of stainless steel with a perfectly smooth surface.


High-quality spring made of spring wire with heat treatment and grinded ends.
Chemically blackened against corrosion.
The outer diameter of the spring is about 12.8mm.
Springs are offered in range from M140 to M160. You can simply select it before add into shopping cart.

Set is dedicated for Marui AWS and Well copies MB44xx series, but you have to use OUR CNC trigger mechanism.