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EPeS Inlet Hose 4mm for HPA, 1m – Low Pressure


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EPeS hose for powering HPA systems. EPeS offers low-pressure and high-pressure variants, both in 4 mm and 6 mm diameters.Select the thickness according to the HPA system installed in your weapon. For example, the Mancraft SDik uses a 4mm hose, while other systems may require a 6mm inlet.The hose is not protected by a braid, so we do not recommend using it as the main supply from the regulator to avoid damage from obstacles, trees, or equipment.
This is therefore a replacement inlet hose for example from the HPA system to the stock/grip, which you can equip with the appropriate connector (we recommend EPeS QD connectors) and then connect the main inlet hose from the regulator to it (we have excellent feedback on the EPeS MK.II braided hoses).