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Perun AB plus plus mosfet and active break


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AB plus plus is an on-wire MOSFET with a specialized high-power transistor that transfers power from the battery directly to the motor instead of fragile mechanical switches. That greatly extends the service life and lowers overall resistance resulting in a more reliable replica with a higher rate of fire which you can shoot longer without changing the battery. It also gives the replica many additional features which give the possibility to choose an optimal configuration to the requirements of the mission and gain an advantage over the opponent.
It can be easily programmed by using a trigger and a button on the device and thanks to quick and easily memorable sequences with sound signals and multicolour LED diodes it can be reprogrammed at any moment, in a matter of seconds, even during the exchange of fire with the enemy.   It’s operating voltage is from 7V to 17V and it can operate extreme setups, without limitations as to the spring power. It comes with easy to install universal wire set and t-connector plug. Key functions: Electronic burst – Switch auto setting to a controlled burst to save ammo and increase realism (in e.g. M16A4 style replicas). Active brake does not allow for compressing of the spring after a shot. The piston will stop in the front position which eliminates unnecessary stresses, increasing the service life of the gearbox, its parts and in case of replicas with a high rate of fire prevent overspin (double shot problem).  Precocking – Provide a trigger reaction similar to a real gun and gives the user an extremely fast shot reaction. It allows for initial spring compression ensuring that the next shot will be fired immediately after pulling the trigger. Rate of fire reduction – It allows you to set the rate of fire of the firearm equivalent which increases the realism. DMR mode – Incorporate delay between each SEMI shots to simulate the delay from reload or recoil. Low battery voltage alarm – The microprocessor monitors the battery voltage constantly. When the voltage drops down to a critica..