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EPeS Cylinder head AEG Mk.II uni V2/3 – Medium – 80sh


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CNC Cylinder Head MK.II from EPeS sets a new standard for quality and performance, featuring a unique design solution.The cylinder head fixation using screws in its part prevents any unwanted movement of the head in the gearbox during firing. The innovative design allows for a longer nozzle guide travel to achieve maximum sealing of the nozzle around the hop-up rubber collar.Unique surface treatments H plus PTFE ensure a smooth nozzle movement and excellent smoothness. The construction made of aircraft-grade aluminum along with the H plus PTFE surface treatment also ensures high durability of the parts.

The Cylinder Head MK.II is available in the following versions:
1. Based on the nozzle diameter:

Classic – nozzle diameter 5.35 mm
Extra Fit (EF) – enlarged nozzle diameter 5.40mm (suitable, for example, for EPeS nozzles)

2. Based on the nozzle length:

Short (for nozzles with a length of 17 – 20 mm, e.g., CZ EVO)
Medium (for nozzles with a length of 20 – 24 mm, e.g., M4/16, AK long, M249, G3, MP5, ARP9, MK48)
Long (for nozzles with a length of 24 – 32 mm, e.g., SR-25, AUG)
Extra Long (for nozzles with a length of 32 plus mm, e.g., M60, SCAR-H, CZ BREN, VZ.58)

3. Based on the impact surface:

Without stop (suitable for attaching Sorbopad with hardness tailored to the weapon’s performance and length for proper engagement of the gears on the piston – AOE)
3mm Impact Rubber 70sh (for springs in standard AEG up to M130, machine gun up to M120, DMR up to M140)
3mm Impact Rubber 80sh (for springs in standard AEG up to M160, machine gun up to M150, DMR up to M170)
3mm Impact Rubber 90sh (for springs in standard AEG M170 plus , machine gun M160 plus , DMR M180 plus )

Versions with special impact rubber (70, 80, 90sh) of our own design improve airflow and are made of durable polyurethane for maximum durability and piston impact absorption.For high cadence and high-capacity weapons (typically machine guns) where continuous firing of long batches of 100 plus BBs is expected, we recommend choosing a spring with one level less f..