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Piston Head for Tokyo Marui Next Gen M4, SCAR


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POM piston head with double o-rings , 1 o-ring and 1 x-ring for MARUI NEXT GEN RECOIL SHOCK (TPSRE). POM piston head with ERGAL seragger (aluminum 7075) and stainless steel screw. ERGAL Spring bearing cage, thrust bearing in steel and brass, spring support in stainless steel. Compatible with M4 / SCAR TOKYO MARUI EBB. This product is designed and manufactured entirely in Italy according to specifications by Ternisoftair, a company that has years of experience in repairing and preparing Tokyo Marui Next Gen products. The X-RING sealing piston head (XRTP) with quadrilobed section, during dynamic stresses are not subject to rounding in the seat. The X-rings have less wear than the O-rings because they require less radial pre-compression which results in less contact pressure. A lubricant tank can be generated between the sealing lips. There is an optimization of the sealing effect thanks to a better distribution of the pressure reported to the square section. The X-rings eliminate any negative effects on the mold closing line, since it is located in the throat between the two lips. 100procent COMPATIBLE MARUI 100procent MADE IN ITALY