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CNC Aluminum Double O-Ring Ball Bearing AEG Piston Head



REF: MX-PIS001PHS Categoria: Etiqueta: Identificação do produto: 51063


The piston head is compatible with most M4/16 V2 gearboxes and it is easy to install.
Maximize your rifles by upgrading your gearbox with this steel piston cylinder head from Maxx Airsoft. This one piece CNC cut piston head is made of extremely light yet strong aluminum with a smooth finish. Performance amplifiers like this from Maxx Airsoft deliver more consistent FPS and higher shooting performance. Air compression is what gives your AEG power, and getting higher compression can give you the advantage of winning. The piston head with special attachment combined with two high quality integrated O-rings ensure optimum compression within the cylinder.Not only will this improved piston head outlive other AEG series pistons, it will provide exceptional performance for a lifetime. Built-in precision ball bearings help to significantly reduce spring tension while the head’s 8-piston vents further increase compression. The universal design of this piston head upgrade allows it to be used in most AEG systems that perform a version 2 metal gearbox. Air compression is what gives your AEG its power and advantage over to other players, and now getting higher compression has never been easier thanks to the innovative minds of Maxx Airsoft!Features:

Compatibility: Most gearbox v2
Color: Red
Increase the FPS
Piston head design improves compression
Aluminum alloy construction
Smooth finish
Assists in consistent firing FPS
Precision ball bearings reduce spring tension
Two integrated o-rings for greater compression
Lightweight and durable construction
Easy to install upgrade