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RetroArms CNC cylinder head universal – A standard


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New universal cylinder head for gearboxes (Zinc and CNC) version II and version III and others from RetroArms. The cylinder head is made of aviation-grade duraluminum EN AW 7075 through precise CNC turning and CNC milling. The cylinder head has a sealing O-ring that ensures precise sealing between the cylinder head and the cylinder.The cylinder head can be used with both standard flat piston heads and silent piston heads (not NBU, for NBU, a specific cylinder head and piston head are intended).Impact part of the cylinder head is made of extremely resilient cast Polyurethane, which has a significantly longer lifespan than vulcanized natural rubber.You will achieve the best compatibility with CNC gearboxes from RetroArms!

RetroArms offers a total of 3 nose lengths for the nozzles of this cylinder head:

A Standard – nose length 15.8 mm (for 16 plus mm nozzles)
B Medium – nose length 25.8 mm (for 26 plus mm nozzles)
C Long – nose length 35.8 mm (for 36 plus mm nozzles)
D Long NGRS (for TM NGRS EBB guns)